A letter from a former patient on March 22, 2012

Dear. Dr. Chen

This is to thank you for the excellent care I received after my accident last October. At the time, I was in shock and very fearful. You took the time to explain to me and my family the condition of my shoulder and what you were going to do. Even though it was a devastating break, you delivered the news with such great care and confidence I was not afraid at all. After Leaving the hospital, I have made several visits your office in Cerritos. You have always greeted me like an old friend. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. When taking ex-rays again, you took the time to explain and educate me about my prognosis.

You’re the kind of physician people read about and hope to meet if they ever in need of a doctor, especially in an emergency.

I shall always remember you and be grateful you were on duty when I had my fall.


Testimony Number one

Jazan Wild was one of our patients who had a speedy recovery on his hand surgery.

Testimony Number two

An eighty four years old patient thanks and appreciated Dr. Chen for a successful surgery.

Testimony Number Three

A very optimistic ongoing patient was willing to wait in line for five hours just to see Dr. Chen.

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