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Most of our staff are bilingual, to schedule an appointment with our orthopedic specialist, please call:
(213) 765-8088 for L.A area
(562) 239-2152 for Cerritos
(714) 833-5888 for Orange County (Anaheim)

Since moving to a larger brand new state art clinic in downtown Los Angeles in May of 2010, we are continuously upgrading our clinic,  including the very latest equipments in radiographic imaging and rehabilitation therapies.  We are utilizing the most updated digital x-ray system that provides the higtest quality imaging with minimalized radiotion exposure, and works seamlessly with our CMC-certified electronic medical records system.  In rehabilitation, we have acquired the Redcord Active Suspension System, a method that focuses on  neuromuscular re-education to activate, normalize, and strengthen injured musculo-skeletal systems.

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